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A little bit about what we do here at Challenge Fit AZ...


Challenge Fit AZ is driven to give you the best Online private and semi-private personal training sessions, quality nutritional guidance, and cover other possible health and wellness issues such as sleep science and stress management.  We have Specialized in fulfilling your, your family's, and your best workout buddies' needs with the easiest location set up possible for you.  Hopefully, when dealing with Challenge Fit AZ only the workouts will be Challenging!

Sean Neff Challenge Fit LA Personal Trainer Santa Monica Clover Park
Live Online Fitness Sessions


For those families, executives, and athletes that find themselves on the run for business, schooling, and pleasure around the world we do have Skype/Facetime/Duo/Messenger, etc... options that have proven effective and have become the hottest mode of fitness in the 2020s.  A helping hand for your health at a moment's notice with no travel and minimal preparation time.  From check-ins to scan your hotel gym and create a workout on the fly to full-fledged hour workouts in your home, hotel, or home rental; we can bring fitness and nutrition directly to your place of internet-connected habitation.  30-minute, 45-minute, one-hour, and one-hour plus sessions are available directly for your needs.


One on One or Group sessions:  Please call for rate 818-481-8501 or email

Weigh of Life Nutrition Freda Neff

Personal Fitness Training


High-level certified Personal Training that comes to you.   Utilizing your home equipment, and/or equipment recommended for your specific level and space,  a program is developed especially for you.  No two workouts are alike as no two clients are exactly alike. From rehabilitative fitness/wellness needs to children who need help with their fitness for their school's physical education classes/sports programs to men and women that have fallen off the fitness wagon as their careers have taken off; we fit the program to you.  Everyone is an individual so there are no cookie-cutter workouts where one size fits all along with the convenience of coming right to your Computer/Tablet/Phone wherever you may be! 

Please call 818-481-8501 for rates or email


Semi-private sessions:  

Only $10 more per person per session hour (up to four extra people)!  Absolutely great way to include your best workout buddies while still keeping great value for your workout dollar.

For groups greater than five (5) people there is only a charge of $25 per person/hr which has proven advantageous for corporate fitness socials, wedding party fitness get-togethers, and HOA fitness events.


**Special rates are available for individual pre-wedding fitness up to eight months before! 




Nutritional Management

A huge part of your fitness regimen is how you approach your nutritional regimen.  All of the workouts in the world will be ineffective if you're putting the wrong fuel into your body.  Through our guided journey of individualized nutrition,  we find what will be the most effective plan for your lifestyle.


E-mail Sean at to arrange a phone consultation so that we can discuss your goals and get you started on the road to a more health-conscious outlook toward what you energize and heal your body with.

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