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Maintaining That Positive Attitude!

By Sean Neff

Fitness is an individual endeavor that can be shared. Whether it be an individual’s goal to lose weight, increase flexibility, add strength, or shape and tone; finding the right motivation for ourselves is key to attaining our goals. Today I’d like to touch upon some points of interest which may help you stay positive about this fitness journey of ours and empower you to fully enjoy yourselves in the process.

First off, I’d like to share one of my secrets for getting the most out of our clients in the personal training area. It is a simple secret yet somehow I don’t see it done often enough around town. Find a variety of things that you actually enjoy doing for exercise and mix them up throughout the week. Too often I hear people bemoaning having to go to the gym again or pulling out the home pilates DVD that they’ve done over and over again ad nauseam. We all know that these can benefit us greatly if done regularly but can also sap our excitement for exercise if we do them day after day. Keep these in mind for an “old stand by” if you only have a little time to get some fitness work in but focus on those activities that you really enjoy doing or have even forgotten that you enjoy doing. Take five or ten minutes and make a list of what you enjoyed doing as a child which was active; as a teenager; as a young adult; as an adult. Throughout all of these levels of development, you can find literally dozens of activities that you can implement into your weekly routine. So many, in fact, that you may never have to do the same routine twice in a given week or month. Rarely can one be motivated more than by the novelty of exercises and activities that we actually greatly enjoy or have enjoyed at some point in our lives.

Secondly, find someone that you enjoy being around to possibly be a workout buddy. Good conversation and shared goals can go a long way towards either pushing both of you towards where you’d like to be fitness-wise or in helping to cure the monotony of your cardio routine. We all know that cardio work attacks those problem areas that can take forever to hone otherwise; so why not find someone that can help take your mind off of the hard work that you’re treating yourselves to along the way? Fewer days will be skipped as well when we have someone that we can count on waiting for us at our favorite meeting place.

Lastly, today I’d like to focus on staying as positive as possible throughout our days. I can’t overemphasize how important this is; especially when living in a major metropolitan area where everyone has a set goal in every moment and can trample upon the goals of others in the process. Know that your goals are as worthy as anyone else’s and that you have the power to choose to be as positive as possible through all that happens every day. Beginning any workout with a practiced positive frame of mind can help you attain those fitness goals so much more enjoyably and you’ll find yourself looking forward to your workouts more as well.

Enjoy being you! Every day is another day closer to fulfilling all of your fitness goals…. You've got this!


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