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Are you up to the CHALLENGE?

Welcome to Challenge Fit AZ, the live online and in-home personal training and health and wellness service based in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ, and servicing folks all over the United States and beyond.  Hello!  My name is Sean Neff and I am a Master Health and Wellness Coach and have been a professional personal trainer for over fifteen years.  Having recently moved my sessions for training, nutrition, sleep science, and stress management over to an online base, I look forward to providing new clients like you with the same quality of service that I have provided to hundreds of clients in the past.  For close to two decades, I have worked with my clients at home, at their business, in third-party locations (either indoors or outdoors), and/or online while providing custom private or semi-private personal training sessions.   I am an expert at giving you just the right amount of challenge needed to reach your health, wellness, and fitness goals!

With so many gym memberships sitting idle in the hands of well-meaning folks I asked myself what is the number one reason why these ladies and gentlemen aren't making good use of said memberships.  It is not because they choose to not live healthy lifestyles.  Many of them do their best to eat well and move their bodies when they can.  It is not because they do not want to be in better shape and to be able to be as physically excellent as they can be.  This is the main reason why many of these people signed up for a gym membership in the first place.  What Challenge Fit AZ has found to be the number one reason for these unfulfilled (yet fully paid for) gym memberships is a lack of convenience... to the clients' a) locations and b) compressed time schedules.  Also, there are those days in the Arizona summers, and elsewhere, where folks would rather just not leave the house.


With an easy-to-schedule service, I attempt to make staying fit and living a healthier lifestyle much more convenient for my clients.  I excel at bringing top-level knowledge, experience, and certified service to your home or wherever you may be at any given moment with a need for speed and a great wifi connection.  I love to bring the best out of you with your best schedule and location in mind.  Welcome aboard and I am so glad that you are interested in taking on the CHALLENGE!

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Eating more fish can decrease your risk for numerous maladies such as heart disease, dementia and depression.
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