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The FitHealth Pros

With Coach Sean Neff and Dr. Kevin Fox

Your one-stop shop online for healthier living through

online videos helping your:

Sleep, Exercise,
Stress Management,

& Nutrition!

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As seasoned health, fitness, and wellness professionals, Dr. Kevin and Coach Sean bring a wealth of knowledge, garnered over years of dedicated experience, to the forefront. Beyond their professional partnership, their enduring friendship and past roommateship lend a unique and engaging perspective to the topics they delve into. Expect not only informative discussions but also an abundance of humor and light-hearted banter. Their commitment is to educate and entertain in equal measure, making every episode an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

No facet of the health, fitness, and wellness universe remains untouched in their discussions. From staying abreast of the latest trends in Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, Stress management, and Sleep Science, to exploring cutting-edge Pain and Rehab techniques, Chiropractic care, Physical therapy, Personal training, Performance training, Special needs considerations, and Special populations' requirements. Moreover, they offer insightful insights into various products including exercise equipment, therapeutic devices, sleep-enhancing beds and pillows, therapy aides, therapy equipment, supplements, vitamins, and more.


In line with their professional ethos, Dr. Kevin and Coach Sean champion a collaborative approach. They firmly believe that this wealth of information is most effective when shared and applied as a collective effort. Everyone is encouraged to actively participate and contribute to the channel's growth.

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