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Welcome to the Challenge Fit AZ website, the home of Sean Neff's Challenge Fit AZ and Freda Neff's Weigh of Life Nutrition. We are dedicated to being your premier destination for certified fitness, nutritional, and comprehensive health and wellness services. Our expertise extends to individuals seeking personalized guidance, especially those facing challenging health circumstances and special needs. Additionally, we specialize in enhancing the performance and fitness levels of young athletes, catering to the demands of busy executives, and helping brides and grooms-to-be achieve their desired confidence and shapes.

At Challenge Fit AZ and Weigh of Life Nutrition, we are committed to taking your health and well-being to the next level and beyond. Whether you require tailored fitness programs, nutritional support, or holistic wellness solutions, we have you covered. Our team of professionals is here to assist you on your journey toward improved health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Join us as we empower you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to get started on your path to a healthier, happier you.

Challenge Fit LA Sean Neff Personal Trainer
Sean Neff/Owner
Freda Neff Weigh of Life Nutritionist
Freda Neff, MS CN

Sean Neff is your go-to expert in Rehabilitative Fitness/Wellness, youth mentorship through fitness, family fitness, and Executive Wellness. With a career that spanned over a decade as a prominent in-home personal trainer in Westside Los Angeles and has continued for years more in perpetually sunny Arizona, Sean has left an indelible mark on the fitness landscape.

His journey began in 2004 as a member of Angela Parker's renowned Body Inspired Fitness team. Sean quickly rose to become the head of Men's fitness at BIF and gained recognition as the leader of the highly acclaimed Beachside Sports Cardio classes. Over the years, Sean's expertise has garnered a devoted following, fueled by word-of-mouth referrals, catering to individuals ranging in age from six to ninety-two.

Boasting over a dozen certifications (with ongoing pursuit of more each year), Sean is a certified Master Health and Wellness Coach who takes immense pride in the enduring relationships he builds with clients. Many of his clients remain with him for years, a testament to the outstanding results they achieve under his guidance.

Sean's client roster includes individuals challenged by various health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, aortic dissection, strokes, asthma, obesity, Cerebral Palsy, post-surgery needs, and Asperger's Syndrome. He also offers comprehensive athletic training programs, from individualized instruction to competitive team training, extending up to the University level. Sean's personalized approach leaves a lasting impact on the fitness levels and well-being of all those he instructs.


Discover the transformative power of Sean Neff's expertise in Rehabilitative Fitness/Wellness, youth mentorship, family fitness, and Executive Wellness. Join his community of satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable results and longevity in their fitness journeys.

Freda Neff is a highly qualified certified Nutritionist with an impressive portfolio of credentials. She holds certifications from reputable institutions, including the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association (NESTA) as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and the National Health Educators (NHE) as a Certified Fitness Nutritionist. Additionally, Freda has achieved a Masters of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University.

Freda's approach to nutrition is characterized by her passion for guiding clients through every facet of positive dietary transformations. Her motivational techniques empower individuals to take charge of their nutritional plans and make lasting changes for a healthier lifestyle.

Freda excels in addressing complex nutritional cases, offering invaluable assistance to clients with unique dietary challenges. Her expertise and dedication make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to achieve their nutritional goals.

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