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The FitHealth Pros

With Coach Sean Neff and Dr. Kevin Fox

Your one-stop shop online for healthier living through online videos
helping your:

Sleep, Exercise,
Stress Management,
& Nutrition!

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As health, fitness, and wellness professionals, Dr. Kevin and Coach Sean bring vast knowledge that they have each accumulated over many years. As friends and past roommates, you will see how their friendship brings a unique spin to the subject matter adding humor and light-hearted banter. You will not only be educated but entertained as well. No subject in the health, fitness, and wellness world is off-limits.


Keeping up with the latest trends in Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, Stress management, Sleep Science, Pain and Rehab techniques, Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Personal training, Performance training, Special needs, and Special populations. They will also discuss products like exercise equipment, therapeutic devices, beds, pillows, therapy aides, therapy equipment, supplements, vitamins, etc...


Like in their practices, they truly believe that this information is intended to be given and used as a team or group approach. This means that everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute to the channel.  Please spend some time with us on our channel, like some videos and SMASH that subscribe button!

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