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Goodbye CF... Hello CFLA!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the new site. You may have noticed some differences around here in terms of the change from the decade long moniker Challenge Fitness to Challenge Fit LA for LLC purposes and all of the new graphics that go along with that shift. The site is also much more mobile friendly as I've found that most of the hits to my website over the last year or so have come directly from the mobile market looking to check us out. The former site had flash technology that wouldn't show up on the apple phones and tablets out there so here we are today with much greater accessibility for those who would love to peruse and/or get help from us at Challenge Fit LA on this site and any of our other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (which you can also find links to throughout

The new name is growing on me as it feels a bit more active and it seems to, indeed, challenge this great city of ours to do what it needs to do each day to get fit and be healthy. We have such great weather here for the majority of the year and some of the mildest seasonal changes around. There's no excuse for not getting out there and enjoying whatever it may be that you enjoy doing best in the outdoors to move those bodies! We also have a plethora of amazing restaurants around with every flavor and world/regional creation under the sun. I hope to touch upon some of these from time to time in this blog.

With all of this said, it sure is great to have all of you here for this journey. I hope to write as often as possible and share our victories and learning experiences along the way of small business ownership and our experiences helping as many people as we can. I personally do this because I absolutely love helping people. Whether it be with my clients or with students or with that person giving it her best shot on Temescal Hill this morning I love to give a positive word of encouragement to help you enjoy the fact that you are doing a great job today. You are helping yourselves to a healthier day today and a healthier outlook overall.

I've always been a huge proponent of celebrating where you are in your fitness and nutrition levels today and work towards making both enjoyable and sensible choices for who you are in this very moment in your life. Today is the day to see where you stand in terms of your fitness, nutrition, attitude and tenacity within the moment. In which are you doing your absolute best within your given circumstances? Where can you improve? How can I help?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this first blog post for the newly minted Challenge Fit LA. For those who have been with me for years, thank you so much for helping me to help you along the way. For those who are meeting my team and me for the first time... welcome! We love having you here and please let us know how we can help you best!


Sean Neff

Owner of Challenge Fit LA

P.S. If you have a second could you take a look at the new site at and let us know how you like our new digs? Thanks a million!


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