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8 Surefire Steps to Staying Motivated

Step 1: Visualize what you want Picture yourself attaining the goal you want to achieve. Some of us see still pictures, and others see moving pictures (like a movie). Some of us see our pictures or movies in color, and others see it in black and white. The most important thing it is that you see your picture and get tuned in to the details of the picture.

Step 2: Use all of your senses when visualizing As you visualize, start to pay attention to the sounds associated with your picture. Also, notice how you feel in that picture. This feeling should be both emotional and physical. How does your body feel fitting back into those skinny jeans or that suit? How does that make you feel, emotionally? The more details you have in your picture, the more you are sending a message to your brain that this is really happening. Before you know it... it really happens.

Step 3: Write down your goals Writing down your goals is a great way to stay focused on what you want. You can place your goals where you see them daily. Some people also just like to write their goals and then put them away. That's fun because when you go back weeks, months, or even years later and read your goals you are amazed at what you have accomplished.

Step 4: Believe in your goals Choose goals that you truly believe in your heart that you will attain. Understand that, as humans, we tend to send ourselves "doubting messages" when we think of goals we want. Acknowledge what that is, just doubt it, and mentally set it aside. Think about what you want. Believe in yourself and in your goal. Strive for it one step at a time.

Step 5: Challenge yourself Choose goals that you know in your heart you can attain. With that, make sure you are challenging yourself. It's that stretching moment in our lives that keeps us motivated. It is tough to be challenged, yet it feels great! Just to know you're always stretching to go a little further is motivating in itself. It keeps you from getting bored and stagnant.

Step 6: Get support from friends and family Tell those who love and care for you about your goals. Simply talking about it will motivate you (as well as inspire them). They can hold you accountable, encourage you, and celebrate with you.

Step 7: Strive for continued progress As you accomplish each goal, replace it with a new goal that will push you to another level. This goes back to keeping yourself challenged and avoiding boredom. When we find ourselves at a stagnant place in our lives, we tend to start to go backward. Always give yourself something for which to strive.

Step 8: Reward yourself for accomplishments To stay motivated, give yourself a reward for what you have accomplished. This moment of celebration is so important. It's called positive reinforcement, and it feels so good that you want to set another goal and celebrate it again. Rewards can be anywhere from a pat on the back to a week-long vacation.


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