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Here we go. Heading into the new year with a big jump! After 18 years of helping clients in Los Angeles from all walks of life we are moving the family and the business to Arizona. With our son entering his school age years, we would love for him to have more space and the changes in our first two weeks are already evident. Less traffic, lots of parks in walking distance and the friendliest neighbors you could imagine. We've already had multiple families drop by with housewarming gifts and my California wife has been taken aback in a great way by the hospitality. She has never experienced this before and we are so grateful! Feeling welcomed and we are really enjoying the shift thus far.

I do miss my LA clients very much. Especially those who have been with me for so many years that I got to see amazing changes in their health and their family lives. Marriages, births, recoveries from operations, graduations, etc... I got to be the fly on the wall as all of the excitement happened around them and to them week by week. Now, social media keeps me up to date with their news along with texts, emails and phone calls. Life has changed.

Now, where do I begin with my business here? Thankfully, quite a few of my clients from LA have continued through my live online fitness sessions so I don't have to fully start from scratch. I'm looking forward to joining my local Chambers of Commerce and getting to meet those who are doing their best to make our cities great throughout the Valley and mix with other likeminded business owners looking to grow as they help others in our communities. Hopefully I can find ways to help those who I have specialized in helping over all those years in LA, here in Arizona as well. The kids who need that extra push and guidance to lose weight, battle their special circumstances through a fitness mentorship or boost their athletic scholarship opportunities through dedicated work; the executives who put so much time in at their offices to provide for their families and lose track of their health and/or who do some of their business on the golf courses and tennis courts and need to stay fit and flexible for those last minute tee times; the elderly who need special attention to stay as pain free as possible in their day-to-day living through range of motion fitness therapy; the moms and dads who put amazing effort at the office and home who need as much energy as possible to fulfill their roles as the Superwomen and Supermen that they truly are. I'm hoping upon hope that I can help as many people as humanly possible here. Some people pivot in life and some people jump... This is definitely a jump. I'm ready for the continuation of this beautiful journey.

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