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Basketball Championship Weekend Workout!

by Sean Neff
The college champions for both men and women will be crowned this weekend so let's hop (hoop) to it!

-Begin with 25 "jump shots" jumping off the left leg and extending the right hand overhead. You can modify to a single leg calf raise if you have joint issues. -Follow with 25 off of the right leg and a left hand follow through. -25 push ups... Take your time as to fulfill your best form possible. -High plank bringing a single leg up toward your chest then to the inside. Alternate legs until you've achieved 20 on each side. -100 jumping jacks (again, modify to steps to each side instead of jumps if needed)

-Sit into a squat position with toes pointed straight directly under your knees. Pass a ball (basketball or whatever is handy) in a figure-eight motion between and around your legs for one minute. Stand up for a few seconds and shake your legs out before going back into the squat and reversing the figure-eight motion of the ball for another minute. -25 push-ups -One minute of a side plank. Your arms may be too tired from the pushups so use a forearm plank. Follow with one minute on the opposite side. Followed by one minute of the low plank. -With both legs together, bend your knees and circle the ball around your ankles for thirty seconds, followed by thirty seconds around your knees, to thirty seconds around your hips, to thirty seconds around your head. Reverse direction to thirty around your head, to your waist, your knees, and ankles. -25 push-ups -One-minute jogging in place, followed by one minute of high knee jogging in place, to one minute of high heel (butt-kickers) jogging in place, followed by one minute of "quick feet" running in place to your fastest speed. -On your back for 100 bicycle crunches. Keep your back flat on your mat and extend your leg out straight as you bring your opposite knee up toward the other side of your body's elbow (left knee to right elbow). *** If you have the time and the moxie. Repeat for another full cycle! *** -Stretch!!! Take your time and enjoy each stretch for at least thirty to forty-five seconds each.


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