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Make a Fitness Date For Yourself!

Hey Folks!

I’m Sean Neff, owner of ChallengeFitAZ and partner in the FitHealth Pros on YouTube.

I’m here to talk to you today about getting into the kind of shape that

you’ve been meaning to for a while now… good shape!

So often I hear people saying that fitness sessions online, in-home, and on-location are exactly what they’re looking for. Motivating, organized, kick-butt workouts that can get them into good shape fast.

Then they tell me they’d like to hit the gym or do a few self-sessions a few times before jumping into a class or guided sessions. This is a very common mistake as those trips to the gym do not happen and days turn into weeks turn into months with no

progress being made at all in these folks’ overall fitness levels.

The time is NOW to make the appointment with yourself to get into shape. To give yourselves the energy to thrive in your family, work, and social lives. To give you the added strength that has waned in your working years. To set aside a specific time each week to work out so that you can build upon that one day as you go along.

Start today, re-focus for day two, and let those days add up for a healthier you. If you need online sessions I have people that I take care of all over the United States and into Europe when they're abroad for work and pleasure. Otherwise, check into your local fitness scene for trainers, gyms, and home-gym supply stores to get you started. The first step begets the next so take action!

Best of luck to all of you on your fitness journeys on this beautiful St. Patty's Day!


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